Have you wondered why the fountains of youth kept people young and healthy?

There are many myths and stories about healing springs and fountains of youth. Many of you heard about the miraculous water which flows from a spring in the Grotto of Massabielle in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, France and the 1000s of documented cures. I believe there is some truth in this. The secret sauce is in the minerals in these waters especially the trace elements. Many are transdermal meaning they can go through the skin. Another important factor is that the minerals and trace elements in these mineral waters are ionic which means the body and skin can absorb them much quicker and efficient.

A Healing Spring

Nowadays we know that many of our hormones and enzymes need these trace elements even in small amounts as catalyst cofactors meaning they make your hormones and enzymes much more efficient. So if you lack one of these 21 essential minerals and trace elements your body does not work properly and could lead to disease. I sometimes spend time with farmers and see sheep that could not walk look very weak. Once they give them a mineral injection within minutes they are running around within minutes. Truly miraculous!

So to answer your question yes I really believe that these mineral springs are truly amazing and can transform a person within minutes especially if they are missing some of these trace elements due to bad diet, depleted industrial food production and aging. As we age our stomach acids are weaker so we are not as efficient in digesting food and absorbing nutrients.

Gives You Life!

Gives You Life!