Q. Is StamiLyte clean and free from pesticides and herbicides?

StamiLyte comes from underground pure and clean artesian springs which are 18 million years old. Our StamiLyte artesian springs are situated in an ancient paleaochannel in the Baandee Lake System in Western Australia and there is no farm land in the vicinity. Proof that the Baandee Lake System is clean is that in winter it is full of fairy shrimps and its full of birdlife munching on them.

Q. Could StamiLyte have some bacteria or fungi?

When StamiLyte is bottled it is filtered for any particles and ultra violet light is applied to sterilize it without effecting its natural goodness and purity.

Q. Is StamiLyte safe for pregnant women?

StamiLyte is full of natural minerals and trace elements which are needed by both mother and baby but if in doubt always best to have medical advice from your doctor.

Q. Can you overdose with StamiLyte?

With most of these minerals and trace elements it is always better to be over than under. Some of the micro nutrients are truly needed by the body and a deficieny can lead to serious diseases. If you have healthy kidneys then any minerals the body does not need they are excreted. Each 10ml of StamiLyte Concentrate has around 1500mg of minerals and trace elements. If you are worried about overdosing best to check with your doctor.

Q. Can I use StamiLyte instead of salt for cooking?

Sure you can! When salt is made many of the minerals precipitate out before or after the salt forms which means salt only has a fraction of the minerals and trace elements which are found in StamiLyte. Each 10ml of StamiLyte has around 1.5g of minerals and trace elements.

Q. Does StamiLyte really has all the 21 essential minerals and trace elements?

Yes sure! On our licensed salt farm we found an artesian spring that has all the 21 essential minerals and trace elements. All tested and verified at professional labs in Western Australia.

Q. Why sometimes there is a cloudy sediment at the bottom of the StamiLyte Concentrate?

Since the StamiLyte Concentate is very rich in natural minerals and trace elements some of them settle at the bottom of the bottle after a few weeks. This is normal. So when you buy the bottle or before usage best to shake the StamiLyte Concentrate very well.

Gives You Life!

Gives You Life!