About StamiLyte – Fountain of Youth?

Who Are We?

Fountain Of Youth

Searching for the fountain of youth? A lot of research shows that pain and many diseases result from mineral and trace element deficiencies in our bodies. These deficiencies are mainly due to eating foods grown on mineral depleted industrial farmland. Also, as we age, our stomach acids weaken, and our intestines are less effective at absorbing nutrients, affecting our digestion. StamiLyte contains all 21 essential minerals and trace elements in soluble form, so our bodies can absorb them fast.

With StamiLyte we aim to help eradicate many diseases and reduce people’s suffering by keeping their minerals and trace elements topped-up to levels our bodies need.

How is StamiLyte made?

Minerals over millions of years

Mother nature made StamiLyte over many millions of years. We discovered 18 million-year-old fully intact pure artesian springs with all the 21 essential minerals and trace elements as mother nature intended in Western Australia.

It is a myth that salt is rich in minerals and trace elements. Unfortunately, today’s mass-production methods of salt making involve heating and filtering that remove the minerals our bodies need. Ordinary table salt contains high concentrations of micro-plastics, sewage, heavy metals, marine fuels and even radioactive materials because it comes from our polluted seas and oceans. The salt, minerals and trace elements within StamiLyte are pollution-free because it comes from underground springs kept away from human interference.

Our StamiLyte is full of all the 21 essential minerals because there is no processing such as evaporation used.

Gives You Life!

Gives You Life!