How are Minerals and Trace Elements Beneficial to your Health?

We believe StamiLyte hast the secret sauce for staying young and healthy. This is because it feeds your body all the 21 essential minerals and trace elements it needs. These building blocks are co-factors to maintaining your hormone and enzyme balance. As a result they keep your organs and skin healthy and shiny. Some of the minerals and trace elements in the StamiLyte Concentrate are trans-dermal. As a result they will pass through your skin and nourish it.

StamiLyte minerals and trace elements improves the look and feel of your skin
Beautiful shiny skin when StamiLyte applied to the skin.

Composition of Minerals and Trace Elements in StamiLyte

More information about the importance of trace elements within StamiLyte in the body can be found here.

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Gives You Life!

Gives You Life!