Are Preservatives in Sports and Health Drinks doing more bad than good?

Preservatives are added to many food and beverage products, including health and sports drinks, to extend their shelf life and prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms. While preservatives can have some benefits, there are also potential negative effects on health that should be considered.

Preserving food the natural old fashion way

Pros of Preservatives in Health and Sports Drinks:

Cons of Preservatives in Health and Sports Drinks:

Types of Preservatives Used in Health and Sports Drinks:

Long-term Effects of Preservatives on the Gut Microbiome

Natural ways some health and sports drinks can be preserved

There are a variety of natural methods that can be used to preserve food and drinks, including:

It’s worth noting that some natural preservatives like vinegar and lemon juice have a lower pH which makes it hard for harmful bacteria to grow.

While natural preservation methods can be effective, they may not be as consistent or effective as artificial preservatives. Additionally, they may not be able to extend the shelf life of products as long as artificial preservatives. Therefore, manufacturers may choose to use a combination of natural and artificial preservatives to ensure that their products are safe to consume and have a longer shelf life.

Why they don’t use natural ways of preserving?

There are a few reasons why natural methods of preservation may not be used as frequently as artificial preservatives in health and sports drinks:

It is worth noting that some companies are now starting to use natural preservatives in their products, but it can be more difficult and costly to find the right natural preservatives that will not alter the taste and appearance of products and will extend the shelf life.

StamiLyte preservation methods

We only use the natural Ultra Violet and Heat Treatment preservation methods for our StamiLyte products.

Gives You Life!

Gives You Life!