Adding Minerals and Trace Elements To Your Cooking

As we all know nowadays farming is done on an industrial scale and the land is getting depleted especially from the trace elements which are vital to keep us strong and healthy. Many of the trace elements are used as cofactors in hormones and enzymes. If the body is deficient in these essential trace elements it could lead to diseases. For example a lack of Iodine leads to thyroid problems.

Using StamiLyte Concentrate In Cooking.

Our StamiLyte Concentrate has some salt in it and has all the 21 essential minerals and trace elements. Each 10ml of StamiLyte Concentrate has around 1500mg (1.5g) of salt, minerals and trace elements.

For Stews and Soups you can add it directly. For salads, fish and meats you can spray it on and around the food.

Sea Salt is really contaminated with micro plastics and many other pollutants. StamiLyte comes from pure underground artesian springs which are around 18 million years old. Salt is NOT rich in minerals like StamiLyte. During the salt making process different minerals precipitate out of the brine at different times leaving the salt very deficient in minerals and trace elements.

Since StamiLyte is NOT processed and its totally natural it has the full spectrum of all the 21 essential minerals and trace elements.

Gives You Life!

Gives You Life!